The founders of Bhoozt are big fans of Paying It Forward – you know, just giving. They love the philosophy of ‘random acts of kindness’.

They put it into action by doing little simple things that have a positive impact on the receiver. You know, like paying for meals, train and parking fares of random strangers. Or giving a perfect stranger in the rain a ride home. And, as they unintentionally and surprisingly learnt, it has a positive impact on the giver as well.

They spent a lot of time and effort looking for a way to scale the concept in a sustainable manner. Bhoozt is the result.

At Bhoozt we believe in spreading positivity. Our core values are to Act with Humility, Integrity and Positivity. We are on a mission to Bhoozt our sponsors by getting them to Play It Forward. They sponsor fun and Pay It Forward and, as a result, are loved for doing so. They are finding this far more powerful than old school marketing.

We are also seeing the Bhoozt community spreading goodwill by telling other people and thanking sponsors. This is great. Super cool, in fact. Or is it no longer cool to say super cool. Whatever. We believe this is a revolutionary movement that is sustainable, thanks to the Bhoozt model. Nothing to lose. Everything to gain. Everyone wins.

One of our early adopters said it best: ‘The world needs something like this. This is kind and gentle.’ We agree. We hope you do too.

If you do agree and would like to help, simply encourage your favourite stores and brands to Bhoozt their business. Thank you in advance. Play It Forward. Have fun.

We’d love to hear from you – Twitter: @bhoozt or

meet the team

Say hi to Neshan. He had the original spark that lit the fire. He’s now doing his best to keep the flames burning. He’s an ex-engineer, turned journalist, turned consultant, turned entrepreneur. Yeah, he’s a bit confused. But he’s alright. (Chief Maestro)

This is Tok. She too stoked the fire with a lot of love from the early days. She’s using her experience in operations gained from many years at Cisco to keep Bhoozt humming like a well-oiled engine. (Operations Coach)

And this is none other than Paul John, better known as PJ. PJ and Neshan decided over a few beers that Bhoozt must happen. PJ has since been using his 30 years of experience in advertising to point Bhoozt in the right direction. He’s our wordsmith and more importantly he’s a great guy. (Customer Experience Coach)

This is Geoff. When Geoff heard about Bhoozt, he didn’t hesitate in saying he wanted to be a part of it. He’s using his extensive experience in finance and commercial management of fast moving consumer goods to grow Bhoozt. He’s so full of positive energy, we’ve had to fortify our walls to ensure the roof doesn’t cave in. (Commerce Coach)

And this is Chim. He is our main tech guy. He speaks in zeroes and ones and as such is able to communicate with our rapidly growing team of coders whose first language is binary. (Main Tech Dude)

Say hi to Esther. She’s a marketing guru. She’s got you top of mind all the time. She loves benevolent marketing and is on a mission to help our customers be loved by their customers. (Marketing Dudette)

Dado Banatao

And this Mr Dado Banatao. Dado is a legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist based on Sand Hill Rd – ground zero of the tech world. He has founded and sold a number of big companies. His response to Bhoozt was ‘WOW’. (Legendary VC)

We’ve also got a whole bunch of other great people that are busy as bees working away to give you a bigger Bhoozt. They all say Hi and thank you for showing interest in what we’re doing.


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