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Hi. We’re a Tech Startup. We’re hard at work on something super cool. Here it is.

When was the last time you actually received something for nothing. No, really – not something that required you to spend on this or that and then jump through hoops to get what you thought was a good deal, but really wasn’t! You know what we’re talking about.

So really, when was the last time you got something for nothing – no strings attached. How cool would it be to earn coin that can be cashed into your PayPal account for just having some fun – thanks to sponsors, of course? Too good to be true? Read on…

We hate ads

We hate ads. They interrupt and irritate. And then there are boring old tactics. You know, discounts, vouchers, loyalty cards, etc. We’re sick of those. They are designed to part us from our hard earned money. Right? At least that’s how we felt.

But here’s the thing. Businesses need ads to reach and remind us. They spend US$628 billion in 2018 trying to reach us. All that money goes to companies that create the ads and media companies that display them. It didn’t make sense to us that businesses spend so much and are not loved.

So we invented this…

We built a far more powerful way for companies to reach us in a manner that we actually like. And we’re finding a lot of people love it. It’s changing the game.  We’re essentially offering companies the opportunity to convert ad spend into sponsoring fun engagements instead. They ‘Pay It Forward’. And we’ve made it so that it’s only a fraction of the cost of advertising for them.

It makes sense to the sponsor because it is far more cost-effective. It’s also far more powerful to reward you and your friends with some of the money that would have gone to ad agencies and the media. Thank you sponsors. This is profound.  We call it Play It Forward.

It’s a playground

Yeah, we created a playground. It’s your playground. You are in charge. So now, instead of businesses asking you to part with money, they Pay It Forward. You decide what to do with it – spend it, donate it, share it, save it. No strings attached.

It works

Businesses save, give you more value and are loved as a result. Everyday new businesses join to Play It Forward. Over to you. Win-win.

Oh yeah, and when you win some serious coin, you can convert it to cash at any time. Just transfer it to PayPal. Yup, it’s that simple. No kidding.

No nonsense…

Let’s be clear. This is not the same old boring nonsense. This is not vouchers or pointless loyalty points that expire. It’s not discounts or cash back that require spending first. You can convert your coin to cash at any time. Plain and simple. No nonsense.

See for yourself. There is no cost to you. And you can’t lose! How crazy is that. Play:

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