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How to be loved and remembered

Business challenges

It’s hard to find and keep customers cause people are busy, they forget, they find ads annoying and it’s a noisy world with a billion things to spend one’s hard earned money on.

It’s even harder to create fans without a genius like Jobs, Ferrari, Vuitton, Porsche, Zuckerberg, Bezos, etc working for you. Fans are the holy grail cause they buy more, spend more and are your best promoters. Every brand wants fans. Fans are grateful and gratitude is a powerful thing.

Businesses need to overcome three challenges to create fans.

Challenge 1

Challenge 1: People forget up to 80% daily. Chances are that customers to your website or store forget you in 2 days. This is academically proven. It’s called the Forget Curve (University of Waterloo). Good news is there is a solution.

Solution: People will retain close to 100% longer term, if their memory is refreshed within the first 24 hours. Students who review notes for just 10 minutes in the first 24 hours retain close to all of what they learnt!

Challenge 2

Businesses advertise repeatedly to reach and remind. This is challenge 2.

Challenge 2: People hate ads. Why spend so much and not be loved?


Challenge 3

Businesses offer discounts, vouchers, loyalty programs, etc to be loved.

Challenge 3: People might take advantage of these tactics, but does it result in love for your brand?

If it’s hard to just find and keep a customer, how hard is it to create a fan?


Actually, we’ve made it real easy. Check this out. You can create a fan for less than the cost of a coffee in a systematic manner.

How? We’ve codified the process. The Pay It Forward process. Who doesn’t love being Paid Forward.

Here’s how we do it. Simply offer your target audience (customer or visitor to your store, website, trade show booth, social media page) the opportunity to have a bit of fun by completing a puzzle on their phone. The completed puzzle contains your brand-message. For each piece they play they earn a bit of money and if they finish among the first, they win more money.

The act of completing the puzzle plants your brand in a positive and strong position in their mind, arresting the forget curve.


The audience gets a bit of fun and real value that they can transfer to a PayPal account and spend however they choose. It’s not useless points or discounts or vouchers. It’s real money, no strings attached. They love it and as a result love your brand and message. They become fans.

Fans tell friends. They buy more, spend more and promote you. They’re also much more forgiving.

It only takes minutes to set up and can be done on any budget, depending on how many people you want to wow.


Be among the first and benefit the most by having the biggest impact on people. Change the game before your competition does.

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