Oops, mobile # tied to another account

Your mobile number is used to verify you, as we don’t want other people accessing your coin. It appears that the mobile # you entered is tied to another account. You can only have one account on the Bhoozt platform so that all your coin is in one place and only accessible by you. So please log into that account. Try using that email address and follow the ‘forgot password’ link steps if you no longer remember your password. 

What is Bhoozt?

Hi. Bhoozt is an app that allows you to have some fun and earn cash rewards, thanks to sponsors. No kidding. We have shown sponsors how it’s far more powerful (and less costly) to reach you and us through fun engagements on our app than through Ads that most of us hate. Learn more here.

How do I sign up?

After you download the app, you will be walked through a registration process. You can Create a New Account or login using your Google or Facebook login. You will then be provided a few Tutorial screens to give you some direction on how to use the app.

What’s the privacy policy

Bhoozt is committed to your privacy. This policy provides details how we collect, use, retain, protect and disclose your personal information. Any information that you provide to Bhoozt is subject to this Privacy Policy. We may amend the policy at any time. The announcement of any material changes is posted on our Service.

Information in our systems is the information provided during the sign up process. We maintain usage data in order to analyse and improve our product offering. 

For details on our privacy policy please read more here.

What are the minimum device specifications?

  • You’ll need an iPhone 6 or later (iOS 10) connected to the Internet 
  • Android 4.4 (API level 19) connected to the Internet 

Where can I download the Bhoozt App?

  • Android users can download the app at the Google Play Store. Just search for Bhoozt 
  • iPhone or iPad users can download the app at the App Store. Search for Bhoozt

How do I take part in the Bhoozt engagements?

Here’s a short video with some guidance, or you can read below.

  1. If you have received a Bhoozt code from a sponsor, click on the key icon at the top right of the screen of the app and type it in. This will take you to the sponsor’s page where you can click on the big + (plus) sign at the top right – above the puzzle piece area to win pieces
  2. If you don’t have a code, simply click on the big red Bhoozt button – keep doing so until you earn a piece. When you earn a piece, click the play button and drag the piece into an empty cell to start engaging. Every time you drag a piece in, you earn a coin. Coin can be converted to real money when you have accumulated a bunch of coin. The minimum amount of coin required to do a successful transfer varies by country. In Australia, you need at least 200 coin to be able to do a PayPal transfer. Please note that money will be transferred in US dollars to your account and the amount you receive be the balance after the PayPal transfer and exchange rate fees are deducted. 
  3. If you are among the first to complete the puzzle, you can win a whole bunch of coin
  4. Provided you have enough coin, you can transfer it to PayPal by simply clicking on the coins at the bottom of each page.  


How do I cash in my coin?

That’s easy. But please note that there are a couple of prerequisites:

  1. Depending on your country, you need a minimum number of coin to do a transfer. In Australia you need at least 200 coin.
  2. Make sure your PayPal account’s email address is registered in your profile – in the settings area. Don’t have a PayPal account? Get one here.

Then you’re all set. Just click on your coin in your app. This will take you to the transfer page where you can enter the amount you want to transfer. Please note that transfers are done through US dollars, therefore the amount you receive will be the balance after PayPal’s transfer and exchange rate fees are deducted. Transfers will be done through our partner company Ealtius Pty Ltd. Enjoy your rewards!

What are the codes for and where do I get one?

Some sponsors run invitation only challenges where they hand out codes through the Bhoozt app or through their stores, social media pages and websites. If you have been lucky to receive a code that is still valid, click the key icon at the top right of your app and enter it. 

Please note that often sponsors invite people based on their location and age group. So for the best chance of getting codes, please ensure you have the correct birth date and location services enabled in your Bhoozt profile. 

Why do I need to sign up

You will be earning coin. The coin will be in your name and can be transferred to your PayPal account in order to convert it to cash. We will need to know who you are and what your PayPal email address is in order to transfer your Bhoozt coin to your PayPal account. 

Will Bhoozt post updates to my Facebook wall?

No. Only you can do that through the Share feature on Bhoozt

How do I disconnect my Bhoozt and Facebook accounts?

  • Once you login to Bhoozt using your Facebook username and password, your account is linked automatically. 
  • To disconnect, simply go to the “User Profile” section and logout.

Can I have Bhoozt on multiple devices?

Yes. Just login with your account on multiple devices. But please note that if you have completed engagements on the other device, there could be issues viewing or syncing with the new device depending on whether both devices are connected to the Internet at the same time.

Where are my account settings?

Under the User Profile section (which is accessed via the three bars top left of the app)

How do I recover my Bhoozt password?

You will need to reset it by:

  1. Going to the Registration page on the app and clicking on the Forgot Password link
  2. Provide your account’s email address and click Submit
  3. You will receive an email to reset your password in your email

How do I change my Bhoozt password?

To change your password if you’re already logged in:
  1. Go to Bhoozt user profile section on the app (click on the three lines at the top left of the screen)
  2. Click User Profile
  3. Click Edit and then click on Change Password at the bottom

If you are not yet logged in, please follow instructions in the FAQ – How do I recover my Bhoozt password?

What are the guidelines for Usernames and Passwords?

Please use a strong password that you will remember. We want to ensure that Bhoozt is a safe platform. To help us with this goal, please abide by the Terms and Conditions. Bhoozt prohibits Usernames which infringe on any copyright, trademark, or other legal property rights, and those created for the purposes of impersonation.

I have a problem creating a Bhoozt account

Please drop us an email with the problem you’re experiencing to support@bhoozt.com. Would be helpful if you can include a screen shot.

Can I have two Bhoozt accounts?

It is our policy for each individual to only have one account with Bhoozt.  

Is there a desktop version of Bhoozt?

Sorry, Bhoozt is designed for mobile devices.