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Customers are sick of tired old tactics.

Change up. Be fresh. Be loved.

Check out this invention. Tell us what you think…


New revenue at no cost


Do you have customers that could use a boost in sales? Are there times they would like a boost in traffic? Could they use a boost in repeat and new customers?

People forget even great products and experiences quickly. People hate ads and are tired of old tactics. You know discounts, loyalty cards, vouchers, pointless points.

Break Tradition

Let’s change the game. Fix that. Do something new. Be loved. Reach customers on demand. Have them tell their friends. Give your business a Bhoozt.

New Invention

We at Bhoozt have invented a new app and business model that does the above. Your customers get to boost sales. It is fun and rewarding for their customers who choose to engage with them. Word spreads because it is fun.

We share a percent of the revenue we get from your customer with you. Your customers can reach up to 200 of their customers for as little as $300. All you have to do is encourage your customers to give their business a BHOOZT.

BHOOZT enables companies to engage their customers via a mobile phone app. Companies run fun campaigns on demand at any budget. The app makes it easy for their customers to engage, win and cash in immediately. Customers spread the word because it has a viral effect.


The model is simple yet incredibly powerful. Three simple steps.

  1. 1. Identify customers that could use a boost in sales and encourage them to contact BHOOZT. Make sure they tell us you referred them.
  2. 2. We will help them set up and run campaigns at whatever budget they choose.
  3. 3. They inform their customers about the campaigns to boost awareness with customers and their friends. That will boost their business.


Be among the first and benefit the most by having the biggest impact on customers. Change the game before your competition does.