What is Bhoozt?

Hi. Bhoozt is an app that allows you to have some fun and earn cash rewards, thanks to sponsors. No kidding. We have shown sponsors how it’s far more powerful (and less costly) to reach you and us through fun engagements on our app than through Ads that most of us hate. Learn more here.

How do I sign up?

After you download the app, you will be walked through a registration process. You can Create a New Account or login using your Google or Facebook login. You will then be provided a few Tutorial screens to give you some direction on how to use the app.

How do I cash in my coin?

That’s easy. But please note that there are a couple of prerequisites: Depending on your country, you need a minimum number of coin to do a transfer. In Australia you need at least 200 coin. Make sure your PayPal account’s email address is registered in your profile – in the settings area. Don’t have a…

What are the codes for and where do I get one?

Some sponsors run invitation only challenges where they hand out codes through the Bhoozt app or through their stores, social media pages and websites. If you have been lucky to receive a code that is still valid, click the key icon at the top right of your app and enter it.  Please note that often…

Why do I need to sign up

You will be earning coin. The coin will be in your name and can be transferred to your PayPal account in order to convert it to cash. We will need to know who you are and what your PayPal email address is in order to transfer your Bhoozt coin to your PayPal account.