Did you know that we forget over 80% of what we learn within 24 hours? Yup – scientifically proven (University of Waterloo).

The good news is there is a simple solution which I wish I had learnt in high school – here it is.


Solution: To retain close to 100% of learning, simply spend 10 mins reviewing what you learnt within the first 24 hours. Tony Buzon invented a simple mind-mapping technique where you put your learning into a mindmap in those 10 mins. If you then review that mindmap for 5 mins one week later and 2-4 mins a month later, you will retain the learning long term. Seriously this works. We do it all the time now.


How to use this: Well in addition to using it for your own learning, if you can help customers refresh what you told them a week and month later, chances are you will be top of mind longer. Find fun ways of doing that.


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