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We face a couple of serious challenges as we navigate our way through the disruption the whole world is going through. We need to navigate more uncertainty and we need to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition.

Looking at the first challenge, the traditional methods of being in front and top of mind with our customer has changed, probably forever. People are more comfortable distancing themselves from each other and reducing the time they spend in physical venues (office, stores, trade shows, on planes etc).

Meanwhile, the businesses and brands that embraced and leaned in to new digital innovation have gotten ahead. History shows this. Companies that got ahead of their competition embraced email between 1990-95, the Internet 1995-2000, eCommerce 2000-05, social media 2005-10, mobile devices 2010-15 and mobile commerce 2015-20.

Email, the Internet, eCommerce, social media, mobile devices, mobile commerce — what’s next?

Today, those that embraced the digital world yesterday are ahead in dealing with the disruption we went through last year and will go through this year, at least. Between 2020-25, we need to embrace new and better ways to stay top of mind with our customer while they are at home.

Time to start challenging your management team to come up with innovative ideas on how to do this. Nothing like a great challenge. All the best and wishing you a successful year ahead.

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