People forget. People don’t like ads. People are tired of the same old marketing tactics — you know, loyalty cards, vouchers, discounts, meaningless points and offers. It’s a busy and noisy world with millions of things for people to spend their money on.

So what’s the best way for a business or brand to be loved and remembered? Or better yet, wouldn’t it be amazing to achieve even just a fraction of what great brands like Apple, Ferrari, Rolex etc have achieved — where customers are grateful to the brands for allowing them to buy and own something from the brand.

Imagine being able to put a smile on your customer’s face and nurture gratitude. This is a powerful thing.


Here’s a thought. When was the last time you were handed value for nothing, out of the blue? Hard to recall, right? Because it hardly happens. So when it does happen, it has a pretty strong and positive impact. Usually one of disbelief followed by amazement and then gratitude. And that can translate to goodwill, trust and loyalty.

Try it. Buy a meal for a perfect stranger, or a train ticket, or just a coffee. May be just help them with something that they are struggling with. Or give a sincere and honest complement to someone. See what a positive impact that has. See how much attention, goodwill and even trust that generates. Sincerely giving something for nothing with no strings attached is powerful. Gratitude is powerful.

We try our best to do this everyone now and then. Without fail, every time has been awesome. 

Remember that people are not used to getting something for nothing, so they take note when it happens. We had an epiphany when we realised how powerful this would be to businesses.

In the long term, if you can create a Pay It Forward culture among you customer facing people, you will have a competitive edge. Meanwhile, we spent many years figuring out how to provide a simple way for businesses to do this at will, in minutes at any budget.

Here’s it is.

Offer a store or site visitor the opportunity to have a bit of fun by completing a puzzle on their phone. The completed puzzle contains your brand-message. Each piece played earns the user a bit of money and if they are among the first to complete the puzzle, they win a bit more money. We share the brand’s media spend with the audience. The act of completing the puzzle refreshes the brand in their mind, arresting the forget curve.

The customer gets something for nothing — fun and real value that they can transfer to PayPal and spend however they choose. It’s not useless points or discounts or vouchers. It’s real money, no strings attached.

The PayPal integration is a ‘wow’ factor. The act of giving with no strings attached nurtures gratitude and goodwill. People love it and as a result love your brand and message. They are often wowed enough to tell friends, resulting in word of mouth. A big campaign has viral potential.

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