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Saying thank you is powerful. It shows gratitude and results in good will. And both those emotions are powerful. So the next time you want to say thanks to a customer or partner or stakeholder, why not do it in a way that results in a fan that you can reach over and over?

What? Yeah. After all fans are great because they are your best sales people and promoters. They want to hear from you. But creating fans is hard. Not anymore. In fact, we’ve made it real easy. Check this out.

Puzzle on phone

How to say thanks in style

First we help you set up a simple Bhoozt puzzle, which takes about 7 mins. You get a unique url and QR code that you can hand out to people you want to thank. In an email, text or note, simply direct them to the url or QR code and ask them to have some fun on you.

At bhoozt.com, they will gain access to a puzzle containing your thank you message and brand (see example picture). Every piece they play will earn them a coin. If they are among the first to complete the puzzle, they will win a bunch of coin.

Here’s the ‘wow’. Coin is real money that can be cashed into PayPal to do whatever they want with it.

Yeah, no kidding. Not useless points or vouchers or other nonsense. Real PayPal dollars.

Wait, what? Well, we share our revenue with your audience. Users turn idle time into fun and $$$. They love it. You earn a place in their hearts and minds.

Think about it. Who does that? Give away something for nothing, out of the blue. It’s pretty powerful. We know – we’ve been Paying It Forward for a while.

You can create a fan for less than the cost of a thank you card.

Demo? – Click here to request a demo of how your business can use Bhoozt.

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